When we buy our first home, we assume that it is going to be big enough for the coming years ahead. However, plans never seem to go as we expect and our families end up being much bigger than we originally thought. We wouldn’t change homes for the world, but now we are running out of space in our own homes. The kids are complaining that they don’t have the privacy and you don’t seem to have any free time to yourself anymore. You have been thinking of building an extension onto the home, but the costs involved in that are too much.

There are other options, however, and there are a number of specialist companies who provide conservatories in the Durham area. There are a number of benefits of adding a conservatory onto your current home and we will look at some of them here.

  1. If it was your intention to build an extension onto your home, then you need planning permission for this. For most conservatories however, no planning permission is required.
  1. A conservatory gives you the extra room that you need for that study that you have been planning for many years and because it is made mostly of glass, you get lots of natural light coming into the room.
  1. The conservatory allows you to look out into your garden and keep an eye on the kids when they’re playing. You still have your place of solitude and the peace of mind that the kids are okay.

A conservatory is a very wise investment and you are adding value to your home when you install one. A home with a conservatory is much more appealing to a potential buyer.